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What we can learn from China’s use of infrared image technology to combat the coronavirus?

Recently new coronavirus outbreak worldwide, fever usually appears as the first symptom after being infected, so body temperature check has become the main methods to filter for suspected cases, especially in crowded places such as hospitals, subway stations, railway stations and other crowded places.
shanghai hongqiao airport use infrared temperature detection
( | Press Release | 2020-05-07 05:51:56 )
Recently new coronavirus outbreak worldwide, fever usually appears as the first symptom after being infected, so body temperature check has become the main methods to filter for suspected cases, especially in crowded places such as hospitals, subway stations, railway stations and other crowded places.

The most common temperature detection tools currently on the market are divided into three categories:

The first type is a thermometer, which includes common mercury thermometers and electronic thermometers, mostly for home use;

The second one is a non touch thermometer, which relies on the sensor to receive the human body’s infrared rays to judge the body’s temperature, and converts to body temperature with formula. Generally, it takes 3 to 5 seconds to detect a person’s temperature.

The third one is the recently-observed infrared temperature measurement which converts the invisible infrared energy emitted by human body into a visible thermal image. In short, the temperature is changed from a numerical value to a temperature data image. High efficiency is one of its biggest advantages.

How does infrared temperature measurement achieve accurate human body temperature screening? Recently, Li Gong, an application engineer who has been focusing on thermal imaging research and development in China for 10 years, provides technical answers.

First of all, Li Gong takes the temperature measurement requirements as an example in a crowded railway station with a daily passenger flow of 100,000 passengers. It takes 83 hours( about 3.5 days ) to finish the measurement of 100,000 people (3 to 5 seconds to detect a person’s temperature), which is obviously unreasonable.

Of course, multiple entrances can be opened to disperse the passenger flow, but passengers still need to stay for 3-5 seconds to pass through. However, it can ensure that the flow of people passes at normal speed, and there is no need for close contact between people with an infrared thermal imaging thermometer set.
1.Why the infrared temperature measurement is the most efficient temperature measurement method at present?

The thermal imaging measurement can do temperature screening because it can convert the temperature into a visual image. The pixels in each thermal image are temperature points. The number of temperature points is related to the infrared pixels of the device itself, such as the infrared pixels of ECVV infrared detection device are 384 * 288, that means there are 110,000 temperature points in a thermal image, which is equivalent to measuring temperature with 110,000 temperature measuring thermometers at the same time with significantly improved efficiency.

2. How to identify the small differencebetween the normal temperature with the abnormal temperature of the human body through the thermal image screen?

The higher the thermal sensitivity of the infrared imaging measurement, the stronger the ability to distinguish small temperature differences, and the more accurate the temperature measurement.

If the thermal sensitivity of an infrared imaging measurement is 0.03 degrees Celsius, then the thermal camera can distinguish the difference in temperature difference of 0.03 degrees Celsius, which is well meeting the high accuracy requirement of body temperature screening. Technical parameters such as thermal sensitivity need to be certified by the national measure agency before they can be launched.

3. For such accurate temperature measurement requirements, is there any fluctuation in the temperature measurement data to affect the temperature measurement results?

If you study infrared thermal imaging technology in depth, you will know that there are two very important indicators to judge whether an infrared imaging measurement is professional and reliable, that means, “temperature stability” and “temperature consistency”.
For example, an ECVV thermal imaging measurement shows in the China Electric Power Research Institute test report that the temperature of the test target of 49.8 degrees Celsius is continuously measured for 2 hours without interruption, the fluctuation of the test result is very small (the fluctuation value is 0 Degrees Celsius-0.03 degrees Celsius), and when measuring the same black body target surface, the values of the 9 areas in the same picture are basically consistent, which can indicate that the temperature measurement stability and consistency meet the precise measurement requirements.

4. How to catch the one with abnormal body temperaturewith infrared thermal imaging body temperature screening?

If there is a person with abnormal body temperature in the crowd, the automatic infrared temperature measurement will automatically emit a buzzer for audible alarm, and the over-temperature parts in the screen will automatically display red, and the LWLIR body temperature screening software will automatically capture a body temperature over-temperature thermal imaging photos of the person which is convenient for staff statistics and analysis later.

As a non-contact temperature measurement tool, the infrared temperature measurement has a deep application in the daily inspection of the power industry, troubleshooting of factory equipment, quality control of the processing industry, safe production of steel and petrochemicals, and material research in biological research.

Due to the coronvirus outbreak, infrared temperature measurement has been concerned by large-scale body temperature screening areas with its characteristics of non-contact, image-based temperature imaging, and high efficient screening.

Now in China, it has been widely used in airports, railway stations, subway stations and other high-traffic transportation hubs, hospitals, large enterprises, institutions, schools and other crowded public places.
ECVV thermal imaging helmet is also widely used in hospital, office buildings, traffic police bayonet, pedestrians zone in trading zone, scenic pot and parks.

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