New heavy-duty racks from OHRA allow Budmax to store bagged goods efficiently. (© OHRA)
(Press Release | 2023-06-05 11:52:11) New heavy-duty racks from OHRA allow Budmax, one of the largest distributors of building materials and finishing products in Bulgaria, to store bagged goods efficiently. Until now, they stood on [ Read More ]
The R5 PLUS has a built-in variable speed drive as standard.
(Press Release | 2023-05-23 09:55:06) Normally, vacuum pumps run at a fixed rotational speed. However, if demand fluctuates over time, the vacuum pump will continue to run at full power, even if it is not needed at all. A VSD controls [ Read More ]
Each shelf was specially adapted by OHRA for the respective goods. (© OHRA)
(Press Release | 2023-05-16 07:49:31) The building material dealer FX Ruch relied completely on racking systems from OHRA for the renovation and new construction of its building material store in Radolfzell. Despite the variety of [ Read More ]
The Nippon Busch team in front of the Japanese branch building. Source: Busch Japan.
(Press Release | 2023-05-11 10:56:28) Busch Japan celebrates its 40th jubilee. Founded in 1981, it is one of the oldest subsidiaries of Busch Vacuum Solutions. Due to the Corona pandemic, the birthday celebrations could only take place [ Read More ]
Visualization of the building extension.  Source: Betriebsbau Schuster.
(Press Release | 2023-04-27 09:12:08) At the ground-breaking ceremony on May 12, 2023, Busch Austria will lay the foundation stone for the joint Vacuum Competence Center with Pfeiffer Vacuum Austria in Korneuburg. Busch Austria has [ Read More ]
COBRA DX 0950 A. Source: Busch Vacuum Solutions.
(Press Release | 2023-04-21 21:19:08) The high-performance COBRA DX 0950 A is perfectly suited for many rough and medium vacuum applications, such as the solar industry, lithium battery production, drying, food packaging, coating, vacuum [ Read More ]
Market Study Corrugated Board, Solid Board & Cartonboard – Europe
(Press Release | 2023-04-06 13:07:51) Taking a breather after Covid-19: during the pandemic, online retail virtually exploded – but now the development of e-commerce is slowing down again. Nonetheless, manufacturers and suppliers of [ Read More ]
Market Study Polylactic Acid (PLA)
(Press Release | 2023-04-05 10:44:07) Cutting-edge technology from the field : Polylactic acid, or PLA for short, is one of the most important raw materials for 3D printing but also for medical sewing thread and implants. Less [ Read More ]
Market study Plastic Closures – World” (3rd edition)
(Press Release | 2023-04-04 12:30:10) Stay hydrated! Demand for sugary sodas, carbonated soft drinks and juices is hardly growing at all. In contrast, sales of bottled water have increased once again since Corona, probably for hygiene [ Read More ]
Market study Expandable Polystyrene – EPS (5th edition)
(Press Release | 2023-04-03 18:51:22) Rising energy costs are fueling the market for insulation materials, despite a weakening construction industry. This is hardly surprising, since the energy savings made possible by thermal insulation [ Read More ]
The new racks ensure faster storage processes and more efficient production. (© OHRA)
(Press Release | 2023-03-27 18:46:35) To achieve higher storage capacity and more efficient logistics, Adamet-Niemet equipped its raw material warehouse with cantilever racks from OHRA. The previous storage on the floor and in several [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2023-03-14 13:16:55) The new Alfa Laval ThinkTop V20, the next generation of hygienic valve indication units, is driving digital transformation within the process industries. Moving valve position monitoring into the [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2023-03-09 12:04:09) It all began in 1977 with the original Star Wars film and the battle of the dark side of the Force against the light side. Since then, the Star Wars empire has developed rapidly. In addition to [ Read More ]
Source: Busch LLC.
(Press Release | 2023-03-07 12:42:20) “With this acquisition, we are excited to be able to offer our customers an even more comprehensive range of vacuum services in the heat treat and metallurgy industries,” said Turgay Ozan, [ Read More ]
MINK MH 0018 A . Source: Busch Vacuum Solutions
(Press Release | 2023-03-03 13:32:29) - is the motto of this year’s Hannover Trade Show from April 17 to April 21. As part of the Hanover Trade Show, Hydrogen + Fuel Cells EUROPE is also opening its doors to visitors that are [ Read More ]
COBRA DX 0950 A, Photo credits: Busch Vacuum Solutions
(Press Release | 2023-03-03 10:45:00) The latest screw vacuum pump from Busch, COBRA DX, scores highly in terms of user-friendliness and cost savings. Thanks to Plug&Pump, the vacuum pumps are ready for immediate use. Settings can be [ Read More ]
f.l.t.r: Kaya Busch, Yu Congbin, Mayor of Caidian District, Sami Busch. Source: Busch China.
(Press Release | 2023-02-28 17:46:06) “We have a close relationship with China. This investment in Caidian District is another fruitful outcome of our cooperation with China,” said Kaya Busch, Co-Owner, and Co-CEO of Busch Vacuum [ Read More ]
At the inauguration ceremony, the responsible employees lit a lamp. Source: Busch India.
(Press Release | 2023-02-28 17:45:47) The new production facility was inaugurated last year at a ceremony in Pune. Mithun Chakraborty, General Manager of Busch India stated at the event: “The opening of this manufacturing facility [ Read More ]
Ayla Busch is one of the most influential women in Germany’s economy. Source: Wilma Leskowitsch.
(Press Release | 2023-02-28 17:45:32) Every year, the German business magazine “Manager Magazin” (manager magazine) and the management consultancy “Boston Consulting Group” select 100 women who are outstanding personalities in [ Read More ]
New racking system: storage capacities +20 %, processes 30 % faster, damage -70 %. (© OHRA)
(Press Release | 2023-02-22 16:47:28) Compared to the original floor storage and outdated racking, Maderas Besteiro was able to increase its storage capacity by 20 per cent in the same storage space, speed up storage and retrieval [ Read More ]
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