(Press Release | 2021-06-15 08:22:12) iPOP LA and the New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts (NYCDA) have announced a partnership to provide over $200,000 in scholarships for the famed theatrical college. The partnership will provide 20 [ Read More ]
credit: Errol Ebanks
(Press Release | 2021-06-14 23:39:37) Wizard Brands, Inc. (OTCQB:WIZD) is proud to announce that its flagship event, Wizard World Chicago, will officially make its triumphant return on October 15-17, 2021, at the Donald E. Stephens [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2021-06-11 10:50:50) PORTLAND, OR: On Wednesday, June 23rd, 2021, the Law Offices of Quibble, Squabble and Bicker (www.qsblaw.org) will be hosting the first annual Step Up To The Bar Association Legal Conference and [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2021-06-09 08:57:07) LOS ANGELES, Calif., May 31, 2021- iPOP Alumni Lucas Till has landed a leading role in Lee Daniels’ next major show. As reported by Deadline, Lucas will be joining the cast for the upcoming Lee [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2021-06-09 08:56:50) LOS ANGELES, Calif., May 18, 2021- As reported last week, iPOP alumni Matt Cornett will appear in the third installment of the popular DCOM film franchise ‘Zombies.’ In the feature ‘Zombies [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2021-06-07 09:01:27) Tulsa, Oklahoma, June 7, 2021 -- African American Women In Cinema in partnership with The United Black Wall Street of America, Inc Hosted a Historical film festival commemorating the centennial 1921 [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2021-06-04 13:21:12) 360 3D is a matterport and product photography service provider in the UK. With a reputation for providing high-definition pictures to different objects, they have launched a brand new service of 360 [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2021-06-02 06:44:00) LOS ANGELES, Calif., May 18, 2021- iPOP Alumni Bryant Tardy will appear in the upcoming Netflix comedy starring Rob Schneider, Kevin James, and Taylor Lautner. The news was reported by Deadline this [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2021-06-02 06:43:49) LOS ANGELES, Calif., May 27, 2021- iPOP LA coach Suzanne Von Schaack has been named a winner of the Silver Award at this year’s Telly Awards for her film ‘The Chains That Bind.’ The [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2021-05-29 18:18:21) Board games like Ludo have been around us for many years now. We all have played ludo or the other board games while growing up. With the rising popularity of online games, you can now play Ludo [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2021-05-16 08:55:05) Los Angeles, CA, May 16, 2021 -- Jay Rush happens to be a soul singer with several talents. He has come up now with his new single U Remind Me, which is sure to create a stir into the R&B music [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2021-05-13 18:07:06) The AVTODOM Pulkovo team took the honorable 3rd place and proved the high level of employees’ professionalism. The Global Customer Experience Challenge is a completely new online competition for [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2021-05-10 00:15:37) Philadelphia, PA, May 9, 2021 -- The Craig D. Butler Scholarship Foundation today announced that its three inaugural scholarship recipients have been selected and notified. The announcement was made [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2021-05-09 01:15:31) Antes de cumplir los 20 años y sin terminar su carrera universitaria, SERRANO5J ya tenía 3 locales a su nombre y una empresa inmobiliaria en su ciudad natal. Últimamente y sobre todo en el [ Read More ]
David M. Santana and Sandeep Mohan
(Press Release | 2021-05-05 16:30:08) Star Wars: The Force Awakens Stormtroopers David M. Santana and Sandeep Mohan, better known as the “Nope Troopers,” take us to a new galaxy as Wizard World Signature Series presents [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2021-04-19 11:34:42) Aries (21 March – 20 April) With his elegant manner of gambling, Aries should stay away from Libra, especially in playing casino games. Despite the fact that Aries is not a rude person, he will [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2021-04-15 17:22:19) Kingwood, TX, April 15, 2021 -- Rap is such a genre of music that requires a lot of talent and a strong grip on vocal expertise. OTGBANKROLL ROO, an upcoming, emerging talent has embarked on a [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2021-04-13 11:45:06) Aries (21 March – 20 April) The best decision that you can make this week is to not arguing with Aries. You can win the dispute under the condition if Aries will be blind, deaf, and tied to his [ Read More ]
(Press Release | 2021-04-08 10:13:06) Los Angeles, CA, April 8, 2021 -- Content creation has seen a surge of talents in recent years due to vast digitization. With the help of compact and mobile devices, many people are able to bring out [ Read More ]
Clarence Gilyard Jr., credit: Wikimedia Commons, Ren1man
(Press Release | 2021-04-07 17:14:53) Four stars from the hit TV series “Walker, Texas Ranger” kick off the Wizard World Signature Series Presents Nostalgia on Saturday when Clarence Gilyard Jr, Sheree J. Wilson, Nia Peeples and [ Read More ]
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