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Environmental dust, dust is very important

In some construction sites or factories, we can always see the dust flying all over the sky, which not only pollutes the environment, but also does great harm to the health of workers, so how to solve these problems, using spray system to dust is a very good choice.
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Dust depression

Fugitive dust are threatening your health! there is a risk of “dust explosion and/or fire” in industrial settings when particulate matter has accumulated. Getting dust under control are a must, for worker and equipment safety and to meet regulatory requirements. Protect your employees, and protect your business against costly environmental citations and fines, with Fogsen systems for dust suppression control.

Dust Suppression Process
Fogsen offers dust control solutions for both indoor and outdoor work environments. Our Misting systems create a high concentration of ultra thin water droplets with an average diameter of 10 microns (with the possibility to add surfactant in some cases), having the ability to capture and suppress PM10 and smaller particles. Water droplets instantly blanket suspended dust particles, increasing their weight and driving them to the ground.

Spray dust removal is a new dust removal technology, its principle is to use the particles produced by the spray because of its fine, the surface tension is basically zero, sprayed into the air after the rapid adsorption of various sizes of dust particles in the air, forming effective dust control.It has good effect on dust control and dust removal in large open range.And the effect is completely atomizing, never producing water droplets or moisture.Especially suitable for foundry, textile mill, food factory, printing factory, airport and other public places, and the cost is low obvious effect.From the practical use of the majority of users, the device will effectively reduce the dust concentration of all kinds of operating environment to more than 90%, but also can absorb certain harmful gases, reduce the concentration of gas, for workers also afforestation comfortable, safe working environment.

• Mobile and stationary system for you to choose
• Easy and fast installations
• Automatic functioning
• Changeable nozzles
• Less water consumption
• Money-saving
• Waterproof

Outdoor dust suppression
igh pressure fog system are the most appropriate solution for large outdoor areas, to suppress dust generated by materials handling or manufacturing processes in general.

These units can be stationary or mobile, self-sustaining or easily connected to existing power or water sources. 

Depending on your specific work environment and needs, Fogsen also offers permanent fixture fog systems, that can effectively suppress dust.  Regardless of your dust challenges, Fogsen has the entire solution set and expertise in-house.
Recommend products
Special high pressure system, fog cannons

• lower labour costs
• Easy installation
• lower environmental pollution
• effective dust suppression on open spaces

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