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How to create music with loops and samples

Let's dive in to the music production for beginners! In this article I'll show you the first steps for you to create your own music with music software and loops and samples files.
( | Press Release | 2019-10-09 12:24:17 )
If you are wonder how to create music using your computer, you are in the right place. Today let's see how we can create our own music using music software, loops and samples packs!

First we need to choose our music software. This will depend on what kind of audio files you will manipulate inside the music software or DAW(digital audio workstation). There is a lot of music software available now a days and it's only a matter of what program you will be more confortable with it, since they almost have the same properties and tools.

Audio files

You have 3 types of audio files that you can manipulate inside the music software, first and most common are loops, loops are the audio files that you can place in your track editor, and then repeat as a loop, this is great to create verses and chorus fast and concrete. For example there is a lot of loops and samples packs that already have loops for verses, chorus and solos, so it's just a matter of you put in the right place in your daw and there you go, you have a beat! You can use Acid loops or Audacity to create music only with loops, the loops are already edit to have the right seconds and bars, so it's a loop, but if you take a samples pack for example, you will see other types of audio files that has no right shape, if you put as a loop it might not be in the right timeline and tempo in your music.

Midi files

The samples can be like one shots, which is a singular sound for a instrument or note, like a hihat or a note in the piano, so you can use in lmms for example to put this note and then the plugin will transform this to a full vst instrument. Programs like FL studio and pro tools, have capacity to work with loops and audio files, but there is another way to work with the music software. You will use the midi files, midi files are like music sheets, you build like a code and then in the track editor you choose the virtual instrument to play the midi file, it can be a piano vst, saxophone, drums, flutes, etc...

So the midi file you will write note by note, in the midi editor and then play the track, you can export the track to create a loop or a sample, just choose export track and then choose mp3 format or wav, ogg etc... But if you put this midi track as a audio file, you will not be able to change the notes in the midi editor ever again. I like a lot of working with midi files, because it will be a more authentic track, you will build a entire music with midi editor, you can use like samples and put some extra effects and sounds and then you will have a powerful music built in your computer.


So, we saw the types of audio files that we can use to create music in our Music software or DAW(digital audio workstation), we saw how to use then according to different situations, and also we saw how to build and use the midi files in our music software and how this could be a more powerful and authentic method to create music in our computer.

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