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Obesity is excess deposition of body fat to the extent that it may have an adverse effect on health.
Non Surgical Weightloss
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A study published in the noted medical journal Lancet says India is 3rd in the list of top 10 countries with highest number of obese people. Unlike what people feel, being overweight is not just a cosmetic condition with excess fat in your body but it can lead to various complications which increase morbidity & mortality. There are various studies which suggest association between increased BMI and various lifestyle diseases.
1. Psychological problems
Overweight individuals often suffer from decreased self esteem, low confidence and social withdrawal. Studies show that they may be at increased risk for development of depression or anxiety disorders.
2. Osteoarthritis
Back pain and knee pain are some of the common complains overweight people have. This happens mostly due to increased pressure on the joints due to the extra weight.
3. High blood pressure and heart disease
Visceral fat increases bad cholesterol levels in the blood. This cholesterol tends to clog the vessels. This leads to increased blood pressure. Hypertension itself puts pressure on the hearts because it has to now pump blood against increased resistance. Plus cholesterol clogs up arteries supplying blood to the heart causing decreased oxygen and nutrients supplied to the heart.
4. Insulin Resistance
Excess fat causes a condition called Insulin Resistance in which the cells of the body become resistant to the effects of insulin.A large waist means more visceral fat. Visceral (internal) fat interferes with sugar metabolism in the liver. This eventually leads to Diabetes.
5. Abnormal Cell Growth
Overweight people often have chronic low-level inflammation, which over time can cause DNA damage that leads to cancer. Fat cells produce various hormones like Estrogen, Leptin, Insulin-like Growth factor-1 which may promote abnormal cell growth in certain organs leading to cancer.
6. Infertility Excess fat can cause hormonal imbalances which can cause irregular periods, problems with ovulation making conceiving difficult. It is also associated with a condition called PCOD which is a common cause of infertility.
7. Complications during Pregnancy
Excess fat can increase risk of various complications during pregnancy like gestational diabetes, pre-eclamsia, infection, labor problems. It is always advisable to have near normal BMI before one gets pregnant.
8. Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
While excess fat and alcoholism are two very different health issues, their impact on the liver can be quite similar. Both can cause fatty deposits to build up in the liver – a condition called fatty liver disease. When it occurs in moderate or non-drinkers, we call it nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, or NAFLD.
9. Sleep Apnea and Breathing Problems
A big belly puts lot of pressure on our breathing muscles causing reduced lung function. Overweight individuals have low lung reserve and may have difficulty in providing enough oxygen for their body.
Fat deposition around jaw and neck (Double chin) puts pressure on the airway during sleep. This causes lot of snoring (Obstructive Sleep Apnoea).
10. Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension
Research has shown that disorders like Dementia have higher incidence among overweight individuals.

Dr. Sheetal Badami is an obesity expert doctor practicing for more than 8 years now. She and her team of Expert doctors have treated more than 3700 patients for their weight loss and various medical complications. At Define the objective is to offer healthy weight loss which consists of
• Improving your muscle mass & metabolic rate
• Reducing surface fat
• Reducing visceral fat which further reduces risk of various diseases
They have designed a 3-fold approach for achieving these objectives.
1. Understanding The Fat
Lack of a healthy diet & exercise are the usual culprits for accumulation of fat but in some people genetic or medical conditions like low basal metabolism, hypothyroidism, hormonal disturbances, insulin resistance & even certain medications lead to weight gain. It is important to understand the reason for weight gain and the type of fat, to achieve healthy weight loss with zero side effects. The doctors at Define, asses every patient by analysing the medical history (with the help of certain blood tests) and do a complete physical examination for BMI, fat % and type of fat. The data collected in the first phase determines the road map ahead.
2. Customised Plan
Based on the examination and medical history, a customized treatment plan is designed for every individual patient. If required, the underlying medical conditions are corrected for healthier results. The treatment plan is a combination of safe and non-surgical technologies like Ion Magnum, High Focalised Ultrasound, Detoxification, Radiofrequency and Acoustic Wave. Ion magnum is a revolutionary technology developed by the co-inventor of the pace maker Mr. Gary Pollock. It was originally designed to help patients with certain neurological conditions. However, it was effective in increasing muscle mass, reducing both subcutaneous & visceral fat and improving metabolism. Combination of Ion magnum with other technologies helps to tighten the skin, get rid of cellulite and remove toxins. The technologies are explained in detail to the patients and the treatments schedule is created.
3. Expert Supervision
All the treatments are supervised by trained therapists and obesity expert doctors. Progress of every patient is reviewed at regular intervals and required changes in treatment plan (combination of technologies) are made.
Using this 3-fold approach the doctors at Define ensure healthy weight loss with zero side effects for long lasting results.

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