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The Brand New World Vision by Dr Michael Gwanda

In This Article Dr Michael Gwanda defines Vision and provides insights on how it is very essential for fulfilling ones purpose
Dr Michael Gwanda
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The Eyes in the Mind

The ability to see is the occupation of the eyes; vision is a job of the heart. what makes us different from others to be an achiever, winners, leader and follower is vision. It is the Kingdom principles that God starts with- You must see the end before you begin. For example the ANC epitomizes the restraining force of starting with the end in mind.

President Mandela had a vision for all South Africans, both black and white, to be free, and where The whole of Africa can manage their own affairs. And the entire African continent being free from foreign influence and oppression could not help but restrain Him to that pressing cause. The following are few suggestive steps to help you keep your vision alive:

What is Vision?

The Dictionary definition of vision is
. Hope for a chosen upcoming future
. Purposed to be achieved

General Definition

In simple terms, vision is what we see, but it is also the way in which we see it. Paul prayed that the eyes of our heart would be enlightened. So there is an eye for the heart and mind which we must use to see deep things, Purpose must be seen in pictures to be followed and correctly understood. Understanding your purpose matter the most. if purpose is unknown it is like a plane without petrol and goes nowhere.

WRITE YOUR VISION: Writing is like a pilot with compass; he will reach His destination without any problem. By writing a vision you are positioning yourself in the arrival seat.

PUT VISION AS AN IDEA: Have an idea of what exactly you want and desire in life. Conceptualizing your vision would be the greatest steps into your successful life.

ACTION YOUR VISION: The only way to see serious people and useless People is the auctioning of a vision. Boys play but men take action, without action a vision can just be the talk of the day

ENDURANCE" If you believe your ideas you will definitely take the bulls by the horns, persistence and determination are the keys to the success of a vision. Education cannot make you successful and will never give you a vison on its own, The only thing you need to improve your life is vision. Talents or gift will not make you reach there but vision will.
Discover your greatness

Principles of Vision

. Nothing improves without true vision
. Nothing develops without true vision
. Nothing changes without true vision
. Nothing progresses without true vision
. Nothing succeeds without true vision


. Sightedness is a function of the eyes, while vision is a function of the heart
. Eyesight is the capacity to see things as they are, while vision is the ability to see things as they could be.
. We must never let our eyes regulate what our eyes believe
. Faith is revelation in the heart
. Eyesight without vision is dangerous because it has no hope
. Environment is small compared to what is in your heart
. The purpose of vision is to live by faith and not by sight
. We were created to live the way God functions through faith and his word
. Spoken words are the most powerful thing ever.
. Opinions design a future but words create that future
. Great thinking follows great achievement
. You do not need to be a giant to think huge, think great to become big
. Ideas control the world and the world is controlled by ideas
. A vision is an idea that is so powerful it can live beyond the grave

In The next Article I will continue and discuss
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The Brand New World Principles is a guidebook designed to develop one to equip and give wisdom, insight, information, inspiration, motivation, and revelation. We focus on self-development; professional and cooperate business development; spiritual growth; family issues; relationship issues; leadership issues; financial advice; marriage issues; youth issues; women and men issues; education issues; mentor-ship, including religious; and the political divide and on discovering one’s purpose and potential in life in all life aspects. It deals with issues such as kingdom, leadership, character, business, entrepreneurship, finances, self-discovery, relationships, healthy ethics, and many more.

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