“PVC floors, cables, plastic toys or packaging – many everyday products contain plasticizers,” Oliver Kutsch, CEO of Ceresana, explains. “Even deodorants and perfumes require these additives.

PVC plasticizers are controversial, yet, this robust material remains one of the most frequently produced plastics alongside polypropylene and polyethylene. Demand even continues to increase: The most

Berlin/Aachen, 15 April 2019 – Electric buses are taking over public transport – and fundamentally changing rostering. In response, IVU Traffic Technologies and ebusplan are now pooling their expe

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The market research company Ceresana analyzed the global market for these indispensable additives already for the fourth time. “The revenues generated with stabilizers are likely to reach a volume o

Be it small or large, business always tend to stay busy, focused and determined to provide the output to their customers. Their energy is focused on building their firm. In the process of satisfying t

The European Commission (EC) has issued revised versions of its toy guidance documents for pools and musical instruments. Both documents, inter alia, provide clarification on what constitutes a toy ve

“Sales of highly processed foods, ready meals, and ready-to-eat meals are growing considerably” says Oliver Kutsch, CEO of the market research company Ceresana. “Manufacturers are dealing with a

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario - April 10, 2019 --- Rosenberg Fans Canada Ltd, the Canadian subsidiary of Rosenberg Ventilatoren GmbH, announced they will be exhibiting at MCEE-2019 in Montreal, Quebec. The sho

“Only additives make it possible to permanently use plastics in ever new applications” explains Oliver Kutsch, CEO of Ceresana. The market research company analyzed the complete world market for a

Two of the most decorated and well-known recent Olympic wrestlers will square off for the first time as 2012 Gold Medalist Jordan Burroughs takes on 2008 Olympian Ben Askren as part of the 10th annual

As fans get ready for a new chapter of the Ghostbusters universe, attendees of the first-ever Ghostbusters Fan Fest, presented by Wizard World, will hear from Jason Reitman, the director and co-writer

On November 1, 2018, Sedex introduced two changes to the way it organizes SMETA audits. Firstly, they introduced a unique reference code for each SMETA audit and, secondly, all audit companies conduct

The Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the People’s Republic of China has published Notice No. 10 of 2019, thereby officially banning four persistent organic pollutant (POP) chemicals. Notic

On March 24, 2019, France published a new list of standards that are considered to give presumption of conformity to Decree 91-1292. Published in 1991, Decree 91-1292 was issued specifically to pro

Camping in Rishikesh would be a marvellous experience as promised by Riverstone camps by virtue of the wonderful experience in organising camping in Rishikesh. Camping in Rishikesh at Riverstone camps
Vienna, (Austria) 11 April 2019 – Trust is a vital factor when it comes to evaluating health centres for socially disadvantaged people. This is a basic recommendation of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institu
Swapalease.com Announces Its Top Vehicles for The Summer Users Voted on What They Believe are the Top Vehicles for the Summer Months Based on Location Cincinnati, OH (April 17,2019)- Swapalease
Bunny Bash Events And Rentals has re-launched its website BunnyBash.in with added service- Express Decor And Surprises Packages and product- Party In A Box. Express decor service is designed and lau
PossibleNOW Survey Shows Many Companies Have Increased Consent Collection, Yet Lack Understanding of Regulations that Govern Consent DULUTH, GA (April 16, 2019) – PossibleNOW™, the leading provid
BLACK BOOK & FITCH RELEASE 2019 JOINT VEHICLE DEPRECIATION REPORT Annual Depreciation Forecast for 15%; Auto ABS Performance to Normalize Higher in 2019 LAWRENCEVILLE, GA (April 11, 2019) –
Designed for handling fluids which are sensitive, abrasive, and either high or low viscosity, the Alfa Laval Twin Screw Pump is ideal for use in hygienic applications in the dairy, food and beverage,
Lease Approval Ratings in March Reach Their Highest Rate Since October of 2018 with an Increase of 4.8% this month CINCINNATI, OHIO (April 10, 2019) – Swapalease.com, the nation’s largest car
Ahmedabad, Gujarat – 8 April 2019 - ViitorCloud Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has been acknowledged as the winner of the Small Business Awards for the category of Technology Provider of The Year. The award
Nearly 78% of Telemarketers Polled in Telephone Consumer Protection Act Survey Report Their Organization Does Not Fully Comply With TCPA Regulations, Lack in Awareness Puts Businesses at Risk Only
For the third year in a row, the David Borck Immobiliengesellschaft has been distinguished as one of the best realtors in Germany by the renowned business journal “Focus”. What makes this award pa
Hongkong, China - WidsMob is happy to announce the release and availability of WidsMob PhotoVault, their photo vault program for Mac. WidsMob PhotoVault has different security levels to encrypt and hi